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The Washington State Mental Health Summit is an inclusive forum for stakeholders around the state to develop, share, and advance new and promising ideas, opportunities and collaborations that will advance effective education, prevention, and care for those living with mental health and addiction problems. The event is open to any mental health stakeholder interested in participating in the improvement of mental health care in Washington State and beyond.


The latest Washington State Mental Health Summit event was held on November 2nd, 2023 at the University of Washington HUB Grand Ballroom, in cooperation with the Harborview Behavioral Health Institute. A hybrid in-person/virtual event,  600+ stakeholders from around the country attended and participated. 

The Washington State Mental Health Summit follows a unique 18-month cycle. This timeline provides initiatives a full year to develop and report out, then a 6-month Request for Proposals and development period follows before the next event. With that, the next Summit event is expected to be held late Spring, 2025. The best way to receive updates on progress and be part of this effort is to join our mailing list so you can be the first to get announcements.

Because the Summit series is is built around a discovery and participatory focus over educational, there is not an opportunity for CME's or other forms of Continuing Education credits for attending. Attendees come with the expectation of potentially joining one or more of the innovative initiatives presented during the day.

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