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of the Summit event recently held on Tuesday, May 17th, 2022.

New initiatives were presented at the event with the expectation stakeholder attendees will enlist to be part of the drive to completion. These new innovations will be featured against the backdrop of initiatives that have preceded them at prior events. We're excited to celebrate the many successes of past initiatives and present the latest slate of initiatives chosen by the Summit Advisory Council as promising and transformative innovations in the world of mental health. 

Initiatives presented on May 17th:


  • Expanding Washington's Behavioral Health Workforce -The Bachelor-level Behavioral Health Support Specialist

  • Mainstreaming the Washington Mental Health Advance Directive

  • The Behavioral Health Parent Toolkit Resource

  • Emergency Response to Suicide Prevention

  • Path of Mental Health Recovery Using Advanced Digital Health Solutions

  • Partnership Access Line for Schools Expansion

  • Partnership Access Line for Moms: Substance Use and Telepsychiatry Expansion

Equity and Diversity in Initiatives:

Initiative Proposals were asked how their initiatives address diversity during the application process. Initiative leads will be challenged to insert EDI components into their planning and implementation efforts and will be asked to report on this element throughout the project during quarterly updates. 

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